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THIS must be so much better than just tearing old ‘eyesores’ down….
We live in an age of ‘recycling’ of everything except buildings..
We need to do better for our our future and the future of our children..


Kensington – the old picture house, Thorne


Kevin McCloud and film crew seen filming the final part of the programme and  will be broadcasting the program on Channel 4, Wednesday the 4th September at 9.00 pm.
A plan comes together
At some point late last year, we noticed that the seemingly abandoned, boarded up night club was for sale. It’s a dump, Continue reading

Tackle Empty Properties and Brownfield Areas


Re-using existing buildings is important not only to revitalising declining urban areas but also to sustainable development. They are usually supported by existing infrastructure and, overall, their re-use is likely to be a more energy efficient and resource friendly than building new properties. Continue reading