The aim of Thorne conservation group is to bring the residents of Thorne and Moorends together with the common goal of preserving our historic buildings and history within our town . Whilst doing this we also recognise the need for regeneration and development and will campaign for buildings .

We value our beautiful countryside and would like to see our town rejuvenated with new businesses so that ultimately our once thriving town is again visited frequently and seen as a worthy and safe place to live and visit .

The group will not tolerate personal attacks on its members and a zero tolerance policy will rule for any racial , sexual preference or disability reasons . Any sexual references towards members will result in expulsion from the group .

The facebook group and the website are interlinked and valuable comments that are posted on either of the facebook pages may be published on the website to promote our town and increase awareness of our group .

The group is a non political group , however , it acknowledges that members hold their own personal opinions . Any opinions expressed are that solely of the individual and not of the group unless specifically stated . We will not allow these opinions to encroach on the zero tolerance rule and expulsion from the group shall be sought for any breach .

Admin have the right to add/ remove any members from the face book group whilst the meetings will remain open and visible for any persons to attend and contribute to .

Minutes of meetings will be updated no later than 2 weeks post meeting . Any delay will be notified with reason .

The admin / committee have the right to call any  scheduled meetings.

All items to be placed on the agenda to be forwarded through the chair for discussion at meeting ( committee members can be found on this website )

The group accepts no responsibility for individual members breaking the zero tolerance rule .