Kensington – the old picture house, Thorne


Kevin McCloud and film crew seen filming the final part of the programme and  will be broadcasting the program on Channel 4, Wednesday the 4th September at 9.00 pm.
A plan comes together
At some point late last year, we noticed that the seemingly abandoned, boarded up night club was for sale. It’s a dump, a massive building falling apart, paint peeling, even trees growing out of the walls! An eye sore if there ever was one.It was up for sale for £195k, but when we enquired, we were told the owners would accept far less.We’d been looking for a house with a bigger garden, and a bit more room, but all we could find were overpriced houses that we’d want to gut and redecorate. We really fancied building our own home, but loved living in Thorne, but where could we get any land?The plot of the old nightclub is more than big enough for a nice town house with a big garden, and if we could pull it down, then we’d be willing to pay maybe £150-170k in total for the land + demolition costs.We were told that the plot was in a Conservation area, and that this meant that anything built on it would have to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings. That was fine by us, but we thought we’d best check with the council.

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