A Tale of Two Towns – Thorne and Moorends are to reunite after a long separation.

TMTC are asking for peoples views on this ‘coming together’ of Thorne and Moorends. Although I cant work out what they were actually asking for, I feel it is necessary to have your say as it affects everyone in our community.
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‘Before the formal start of the review, the Commission has asked the council to put forward its views about the number of councillors for Doncaster. The council and any other interested parties have until 26 July 2013 to submit their initial proposals to the Commission.

Thorne and Moorends Town Council have committed themselves to making strong representations to the Local Government Boundary Commission in an attempt to bring Thorne and Moorends back together under one electoral ward area. Councillors Houlbrook, (J) Blackham and (S) Durant attended a consultation meeting on 8 July 2013 and brought a report back to the Council.

At their meeting on 9 July 2013, it was agreed that the Town Council will propose a reduction in the total number of DMBC Councillors across the borough and propose electoral boundary changes to re-unite Thome with Moorends.

The proposals will be based on a fact and evidence gathering exercise and will be submitted before the 26 July deadline. Unfortunately, the Town Council have only been given days to contribute to the consultation exercise but are determined to put the best case forward for the community now and in the longer term via the Neighbourhood Plan.

A public consultation on the number of councillors by the Commission is scheduled to start in September.

A decision on the number of councillors is due to be taken in November. There will then be a further public consultation on warding arrangements based on the proposed number of councillors.

The Commission expects to publish its draft recommendations for electoral arrangements in Doncaster in May 2014 and consult on them until the end of July. Final recommendations will be published in October 2014 before Parliament is asked to give approval in time for elections in 2015.’

Extract from councils Website