Minutes of the meeting held on the 7/7/13

Minutes 07/07/13


Linda Miller
Jan Deacey
Gill Prior

Linda Kinloch was elected Vice Chairperson unanimously due to the previous Vice Chair not attending meetings and no apologies given.

Bridge Car Park

Karen R and Lisa had a meeting with Salma Rashid and Diane Whiting from DMBC, they are very impressed with the work that has begun within Thorne Conservation Group. They are going to help regarding directing us towards funding and would like us to apply to Doncaster in Bloom.


Work in progress


Logo, Stuart Cook suggests that we have a simple one that can be used for raising funds, i.e, keyrings, tea towels, cups etc.

Karen Mundin suggested using the initials of the group, logo, work in progress.


Joanne Crowther donated a scanner

Thorne Summer Festival

We have a 12m x 12m stall, this is for people to be aware and raise funds for our group.
People donating gifts will take them to Karen Ms for them to be stored.
For the tombola it was suggested to have different coloured tickets for the alcoholic prizes.
Linda, Lisa and Karen M will be manning the stall.

The Tshirts are black with white writing

Ghost Event

Alan Ricket has contacted Simply Ghost Nights, Alan will contact David Redmile, Petty Officer of the Sea Cadets.

It was decided to also hold an Halloween Ball, adults only. Karen R will ask David Redmile, suggested date, Friday Nov 1st. Mick Hennessy will undertake the safety assessment.

Name Change

It was asked why Moorends wasn’t included in the groups name, it was felt that people from Moorends wouldn’t feel included, a vote was then held to change the name to include Moorends,  this was vetoed by a 7-10 majority that the name is not changed.

Localism Act

It was explained that the Localism Act gives the power back to the people when they have a group of 21 or more people.

Robert Kinloch asked the Clerk of the Council, Jeremy Sherlock, why TMTC didn’t use the Localism Act, it was explained that they use 1999 Town and Planning Act, this could be a smokescreen as they use the NOW guidelines and they have to adhere to these.

TMTC also use two different websites.

Friends of Thorne Park

A steering group, Thorne Needs You, who do not have many members and only a couple actually live in the Parish, have been included by TMTC, Karen M asked why Thorne Conservation Group wasn’t .

Karen R explained how the Steering Group would work, Thorne Needs You would take over the running of the park and in effect own it.

Walled Garden

A grant of £64,000 has been given for the Memorial Garden but, that money can only be spent within this area.

Welfare Ground

Pauline Richardson explained that TMTC leases and maintains the Welfare Ground, it was asked why different sporting groups maintain their area, yet still have to pay per match to play

Carnegie Library

DMBC was always aware that the former library building was a Carnargie Library. Accordingly, prior to marketing the property, investigations were undertaken to establish whether this had any implications affecting its saleability. There is nothing on the registered legal title to the property which in any way prevented DMBC from being able to sell the property. In terms of the specific of the sales proceeds, the property was included in the councils strategic disposal program approved by its Cabinet, hence, all sales proceeds are pooled centrally, to facilitate delivery of the councils wider corporate priorities.

White Hart

A collective letter to be written to Enterprise Inns, it was also noted that the workmen had drilled directly into a Grade II listed building

The Market Place

People have been told that Thorne Market only operates 1 day a week, this is of course not true as we have a Royal Charter. Mick Hennessy to support the market traders, this was seconded unanimously.

Christmas Market Fayre

This was voted and passed, a sub committee was suggested

Tony Brooks

Tony will be holding a talk on 4/8/13 at the Sea Cadets on WW I and WW II, time will be announced.

Victoria Cross Museum

Gary Stapleton and Tessa Smith were a no show so this was not discussed


Next meeting of TCG will be held at the Harlequin on Monday 12 August at 7pm.


This concluded the meeting.