Thorne Hall – A Old Peoples Home. Or one more rotting property..

Thorne Hall

Well, our masters at DMBC have offloaded this liability to Yorkare Homes Ltd, Brantingham Thorpe Hall, Brantingham, HU15 1QG
I hope, safe guards have been put in place so we dont have another disaster on our hands and not just a politically correct solution.Fire at Hall

Well the reality is that another of our great buildings has been set on fire.

Must it be the fate of all our great buildings or is it possible for the new owners to secure the property to prevent further damage?

Thorne Hall was built in 1811 by a farmer named Wormley. He never lived there as he went off sheep farming in Australia. The first owner to live there was Mr Ellison, a ship builder from Waterside. He allowed local farmers from the south of Thorne to drive their cattle over his land, this ‘lane’ was called ‘cow shit lane’ until Ellison gave it a more respectable title of Ellison’s Lane, later Street. Makin Durham, a local civil engineer who warped all the farm land around here, was the next owner and this photo was taken by the local press after his wife and baby’s funeral, they died in childbirth. This photo is of the front of the house after the bow fronts had been added to the Hall in the 1700s – we now see it as the rear of the Hall – the park as we know it now was the back garden of the Hall, so what we now know as the front is really the rear of the Hall. Sort that out if you can!

DMBC took over in1974

I’ve stated that the bow fronts were added in 17OOs, they were actually added in 1877 in Makin Durham’s days.