Minutes of the meeting held on the 6/6/13

Proposal for Constitution volunteers to apply, Lisa K to send email

No agenda made, leave vice chair as Peter Best did not attend

Julia Heath Swales was voted in as treasurer

Karen Mundin to do IT work typing etc with the constitution

Karen Redmile, nobody in attendance objected to Karen been an active member of the group and being a counsellor

The walled garden Karen Redmile, has received an email. Karen was thanked for her hard work regarding the walled garden she also read out an email concerning Lee Davidson

Bridge Street car park was discussed

Gordon McKay asked about the War Memorial Cenotaph, the grant is issued from the government and we need to look into that.

Questions that need to be asked to Jeremy Sherlock, give Gill information regarding that and she will compose a letter

Lisa propose an idea from her cousin in Ireland, a litter picking day so even children can be involved, bringing our community closer together

Voted, a litter picking community day

The next meeting to be held at the Harlequin on Sunday, July 7 at 7 PM

Gill complained about the keyboard warriors and how they’re trying to cause trouble and not being conducive towards the group.

The group voted that Karen became chairperson and Bob became Secretary.

This concluded the meeting