First Meeting

The minutes from our first meeting

Thorne Conservation Group

Agenda for the meeting.
Fundraising suggestions.

Committee Members

Date and proposed venue of next meeting.

Proposed buildings to rejuvenate
Further suggestions were made.

It was asked if the council were to come on board with the rejuvenation project. It was explained that the group needs to be neutral and not political but agrees that Thorne Town Council and DMBC have money, grants and could help with fundraising for the group.

It was noted that it was apathy and complacently that has brought the town into disrepute.

It was asked how many councillors were on TTC, 15
The Labour Party have the majority vote
Grants- Martin Williams group- challenged the grant and it fell apart. This was then sold on to a developer.
Community Project.
Planner developed it- council refused- DMBC- stated it required the frontage as it wasGeorgian and had original features still within the building of Hirsts.
A member proposed that the shop floor space could be divided and craft stalls and small cottage businesses use it to entice new traders into Thorne.
It was also noted that reduced business rates may help.
Premium of free parking- no one knows who the land belongs to, therefore DMBC cannot charge for parking.

Market Days – 3 days a week.
Markets are struggling but the rates killed the market and made it less appealing to new traders, it was noted that 1 day a week should be made for a traditional market. The rates need to be appealing as new traders cannot afford the tariffs
Cobbled market place- this prevented stall holders from using the selling area and was resurfaced over and above the estimated costs.
It was raised that that there are a lot of negatives as we are on the extremities of the area and it feels as no one cares about Thorne. It was suggested that a member of TTC attends the next meeting so opinions and questions can be raised and they in turn can offer help/ solutions

We need to promote the Royal Tight of Way by the Canalside. It was raised that we need to find out who knows from the authorities.

Caroline Flint has just formed a group – Darren Whiting – promoting improvement of commercial properties.

English Heritage- apply for grants, seek advice

A community based charity in Sheffield, forms, meetings, help with legalities.

CBS- funding news- will come to discuss issues

Reasons for following disputes to rejuvenation is planning
Preservation Orders can be revoked but it has to be done properly, we need to work with owners and authorities, not against them.
Stanilands, has graffiti and poor first impressions, contact the owners and invite them to a meeting to express our concerns

Proposed meeting to be held 6/6/2013@8.00pm at Stanilands Boatyard

It was also asked if other local businesses should be invited to the next meeting

Raising Funds, themed nights


Bob Hirst was elected Chairperson
Pete Best Vice Chair

Karen Redmile Secretary
Lisa Kay Vice

Cathy Daniels photographer

Raising of funds to set up a bank account

Subscriptions – No

Fundraising event

Stall on the Thorne Summer Fete

Genealogy from a 1926 Almanac – see if ancestors are named for a small fee

Theme Nights- Jackie Clark offered to convert free, costumes for theme nights.

Emails to be sent to all attending members of the minutes

It was noted that the Victoria Cross Trust has traced the owner, Mr John Harper to Thorne, not Hatfield

Memorial Garden within The Park
A memorial to fallen hero Lee Davidson.
Purchases of a brick will help create and build this garden space. A corner dedicated to Lee. Funding has been agreed but, TTC has to accept it and, accept that the funding can only be spent in this area

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