Minutes of the meeting held on the 29th July 2014

Minutes for monthly meeting of TCG 30/0/14.
7pm Punchbowl Inn Thorne Library.

Linda K

In attendance.
Meeting opened and welcomed all in attendance. Apologies given
Minutes from last meeting read and recorded as a true document.
Items from agenda.

1 40’s liability taken from discussion page.
Needs to be put to bed and rectified, its has been dry enough now for repair.
Malcolm asked the group to consider the use of a rubber track digger as a he knew a metal track will cause more damage with the soil still being soft.
Need to source another machine, as the local one is very old, has metallic tracks. Any oil spills will cause more eco damage and if it got into the water table would affect the pond and wildfowl there.
Tractor was suggested, but due to the weight deeper ruts would be made rather than repaired. Considered using the landscaper’s machine, but it has already gone from the wall garden area development.
It was commented that the funfair on the Skate park on Wyke gate road had caused more damage which was a yearly event and nothing is said or done towards the fair people who make a lot of revenue. It was noted that the pipe issue depends on how low it is beneath the surface.
It was also noted that the grass was superficial damage and that everything was blown out of proportion.
Minutes of after the event were handed round from the council meeting of which these issues were discussed, of which Al and Rob attended.
Moving forward
1 Source a rubber track digger cost of 1 day no driver Malcolm will do the driving.
2 Contact Dean Boyer the park warden/ keeper.
3 Discuss broken pipe despite it being rodded and found to be ok until rodded on West St        near the building of the new estate. Everywhere else was free, the levels were approx 4          n ½ in lower but all other were the same level.
4 Walk over site tonight after work to assess damage and take more photographic                       evidence, it may be repairable by hand? Malcolm to ring Al, Rob etc after work to
conduct together.
5 Set a date for repair and get it done.

It was noted that the JS clerk to the council was away from his post on holiday until 8th July 2014. That the liability needs to be nipped in the bud by sorting and repairing the damage. Itemised work agreed by JB and signed off as completed.

2 toilets.
Refurbishment and cost £52 K
Petition made by general public and collated by Sharon and Shelly on site at the toilets in The Green.
JS rang Al and asked the group to help the council collate public response and attitudes towards the toilets. Funding out there but need and unbiased opinion to get the funding plus a letter of some sort from the group commenting on the state of disrepair and of the actions etc needed in support of the council
Concerns were aired about being in cahoots with the council as we were said to be the leading group within Thorne and Moorends what else would we be tagged in with the council as agreeing to?
The petition was found to contain really good positive comments it was noted that the aroma of bleach was over powering and the cleaning lady has difficulties as they are archaic and in a gross state of disrepair. NO hot water for her to actually clean with!!
Proposal of a super loo…. Self-cleaning etc.

Negatives vandals wreck it…. drug misuse etc
Thought that these issues could be overcome with the use of the CCTV cameras. It would only require 1 lock on the external door etc. it could be placed within the innards of the builds shell not require full demolition.???
Questionnaire to be collated photocopied and passed on to JS.

3 next project.
Museum .. Was noted that the museum needs to be interactive as possible as we are in competition with York etc local famous people mentioned…. Roy Clarke… Lesley Garret etc
Plant something…. Flower beds around Bridge street car park … it was noted that it didn’t get stopped that the funds were available by an ex member, plants were sourced but the idea went dead and the funds never materialised
DMBC own the car parks see if funding is still available… Diane Whiting…. Speak with the allotments to source the flowers etc and work in conjunction with Mr Armitage is the secretary of the allotments near the graveyard in Thorne.
3 Static notice board.
More to Thorne than just agriculture and mining.
Saxon Burial…. Arc Heritage… were digging behind the Mott… what were the findings???
Boat builders
Could be situated within the library showing forthcoming events etc and notices of what we have done plan to do… local history are within the library … need to contact Doncaster library and find out more information.
Use of shop windows on Finkle street… fibreboard as an n external fixture.
Or board could be placed with in the grounds of the Methodist chapel
Regular write up within Throne Times. Was noted that Vic B is the local Historian and has a regular column
4 Step up the awareness of the group wand history of Thorne within schools…. Chris gave a talk to KEP and said it was a success… would like to role it out to other primaries within the pyramid.

4 painting of buildings within Thorne.
Pizza land and Jacks Discounts.
It was noted that the windows were repaired and the exterior smartened up for what ever reasons and that the market place was looking better that they were not the owners but only tenants and could do little really without the owners permissions and it would be costly to them…. Jacks Discounts look clean and tidy and hoped other shops would follow suit.

5 Resignation of Shelly from the committee… wants to remain as an  active committee member but does not want the pressure or responsibility of a post holder.

PB has settled into post but commented on the state of the books and asked that it be tightened up some cheques need to be chased up and members paid… to sort mandate out ASAP… JC to meet with Katie from the bank to discuss other banking options etc.

MC requested badge to confirm as being on the committee…. This will make all committee members obvious when doing events etc.

CR personal issues at the moment, is worried about the commitment issues. Posters etc is ok but is just worried about the time and effort from the event.
and her Admin and media role after the negative aftermath of the event commented that her heart is not fully committed but has a lot of personal worry at the moment.
Is very happy to continue to do posters etc and will help out where ever possible.
NK happy no issues.
RK made no comment other than he was Admin & Media .. and was OK
JC OK as no real commitment has been asked of her at the moment.

It was noted that the existing two members have yet to continue in post and that we need more members to join 13 members for full capacity.

Other committee members were noted and considered… members to ask to attend next months meeting.

Bumper stickers key rings etc… to gain public attention and recognition…
25th July Summer festival to raise fund for the junior group.
30th July junior fun day at the harlequin pub.
6th 7th August OAPL bug survey bunting’s wood
8th August Pavilion column st,
10th August photographic day in the Park
13 th August fun day with packed lunch proposed…
22 or 13th August final day certificate of conservation.

Funds were asked for from the main committee for prizes and hire of the pavilion… all were put to vote and seconded.
Sharon to receive £100 for the room hire and then the remainder as a petty cash float… all receipts must be kept and monies accounted for.

Al thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.