AGM Thorne Conservation Group 7th June 2014.  7pm.

AGM Thorne Conservation Group 7th June 2014.  7pm.

Agenda Handed round.
All visitors signed the attendance book.
Al welcomed the group and called the meeting to start.
Apologies from L Kay and Julia HS who have resigned from both their roles and the group.
Went through past minutes form previous agendas
Elect a new committee
Councillor to come on board
Complacency has brought the town into disrepute after he event
Community project
English Heritage
CBs funding
Caroline Flint
Passed as a true record seconded by Linda Kinloch.

Reports from office holders
Al Ricketts
See attached report
Proposed to continuation as role of chairperson.
No secretary report
No treasures report
Expense and economical report account
See attached report of findings.

Election of the committee.
Nominations for Chair
Al Rickettes
Proposed by JCrowther
Seconded and placed in post
Vice Chair
Seconded by Al and placed in post
Secretary JO Crowther
Seconded and placed in post
Paul Billington Treasure
Seconded and placed in post
Admin and media two new posts
Robert Kinloch
Christine Ricketts
Voted and placed in post.
Public relations
Shelly Bednall
Voted and placed in post
Committee place vacant… Places
No formal resignations received
However they existing members have not notified they wish to proceed
They were removed from office temporally until communications of their intentions are made.
Election for committee members
Jane Barley
Nathan Knight
Malcolm Copeland
Stephen Barley
Voted and put in role
2 open vacancies for existing members to reapply to remain on the committee.

Linda spoke about the upheaval of the group and took the opportunity to thank the and for their support for the group.
Shelly, Jane and Nathan (who marshalled), who were thrown in at the deep end and all came through smiling.

All now committee members
Shelly … spoke now as a committee member as to be pointed in the right direction and for support through he events
Linda reinforced that help was always at hand if we are aware of it… no backstabbing and stated that the Events team were a solid team.
Any problems what so ever … went through the basics of the PR role?
Rob stated that there are projects that require no economical funding that will eventually come to fruition. Working hard in the back ground and is still happy to be here as a working team.
Al responded that it appears we are now a working team
Paul word on the street was the we as a group put the council to shame for putting on the event.
Malcolm spoke about the army cadet who wanted to help for possible new member or as part of the junior group. Young men who want to be part and want to make a difference.
Shelly untapped money out there for money for local groups. Need a letter of introduction will be able to get the money.
Malcolm … charity book Inland Revenue for donations for any group multinational charities … contacts that will readily donate and be used as tax relief funding.
Chris feels more positiitve as being party of the group, teeth problems and noted that we are not experts.
We are a non-political group
Pre meet to constitution that it needs adding to it, as we are a non-political group.

Al and Rob attended a meeting with council that have welcomed seemed to have a change of heart by the council a meeting will be drawn up for all community to hold events within the area of Thorne within the park, so that the events will be fair and equally handed out. We need to work together for the regentation of Thorne. There are still issues within the park. They do not want us to hold the meeting within the park. Market place and the streets and the shops… the centre of Thorne was nothing was deem as unsafe for the use of the electricity. Number of issues… the council didn’t support he 40’s event at all.
Thorne fair? How can they get into the skate park because of the inclement weather?
Asked about the fair do they get charged? Tubys and the council have an understanding Dousys fun fair are involved…. If all the events have rain then surely all the land may be damaged
Dousyes have approached
Photos to be taken before and after re damaged to the park.
Council may infact go to see the land after the event
Council … have to promote a softly softly approach was noted that as yet they have been reluctant to support the group.
Hierarchy to Doncaster MBC
Thorne as a parish maintaining the grounds.
Proposed that the letter was published within the Thorne times to promote the
Halloween event worked together with DMBC Christmas booked up in August then TMTC refused the event permission, however £321 in under 3 hours was raised for the funds of the group.
Children’s future of Thorne
Tesco idea as Thorne into a historic little town, lots of new one of shops should flourish…. New Sainsbury’s novelty wore off … noted that the petrol may be a big puller. No service area but will be a Tesco extra

David Redmile
David Barton OAP centre
Council build? Pavilion
Sea cadets perfect for buntings.
Chris spoke to DR the sea cadets are looking for something community activities within the holidays to use the building.
Army cadets to do future events
Free DBS CRB checks… any qualifications that may assist the group… copies are needed
NO old minutes book
J Crowther proposed a skills audit of all committee and for copies to be held
Next meeting general meeting Venue Library Punch Bowl 7 pm last Sunday in June 29th.
Last Sunday in every month regular committee meeting the events will be held at the end of usual committee meetings.
Alan officially closed the meeting and thanked every one for attending.