Graveyard in our Car Park

ariel shot of Quaker Chapel Crop

At the rear of Travis School there was a Quaker Chapel, the front faced towards Woolworths and the graveyard was in front of it. There were no high grave stones just small kerb stones with a name, DOB and the date the person passed away.

For some unexplainable reason this is now owned by Doncaster Council and it is no longer ours. It is for them to decide its fate, not the people of Thorne 

ariel shot of Quaker Chapel

According to Ian Harrison, the town clerk, last year, these stones are still there but submerged beneath the earth. The land is consecrated so it cannot be developed. The hut which is commonly known as the ‘Brown Hut’ is where the adults met for their services when the chapel was demolished in the 30s.
Thorne Quaker House