Hope of Saving Thorne’s Heritage.

Caroline Flint
Caroline Flint has urged Doncaster Council to step up its efforts to seek the redevelopment of 1-2 Market Place, Thorne.

Ms Flint: ” Since I became the MP for Thorne in 2010, this issue has dominated the concerns of businesses and local conservation groups. The issue has dragged on for years, yet negotiations with the owner of 1-2 Market Place have gone at a snail’s pace, and every month that passes the frustration of residents and local businesses grows.

“It has been clear for months that this listed building cannot be redeveloped as it is; but English Heritage, the guardians of listed buildings, also rightly insist on alternative plans being signed and approved so Thorne doesn’t end up with on empty site in the heart of the town. Doncaster Council is crucial to brokering the solution, and it is vital that they step up their efforts to move plans forward in the interests of Thorne.”SpoofMacdonalds

Peter Dale, Director of Regenera­tion and Environment, said: “We have been actively working with the owner and English Heritage for some time to agree a way forward. The result is the owner has agreed to put the properties up for sale at a value to be decided by the district valuer. The properties are currently being valued by the district valuer and the owner is planning to put them on the open market within the next few months.”
Ms Flint has been involved in meetings between Doncaster Council, English Heritage and third parties since.

Quote from Thorne Times June 2014


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