The Plan is Dead — Long live the Plan.

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Yup..We seem to have a new ‘Plan’.
Watch this video and spot the differences. No prizes given.


On 18th of June 2013 we were ‘designated as an area as suitable for undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan’ as per the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING (General) REGULATIONS 2012
by Jane Stimpson,  Built Environment Policy Manager.

View Letter of Authorisation Application Ref 12/02859/NPLAN


At Planning Committee on the 13th April 2013 the Neighbourhood Area was designated for Thorne and Moorends Town Council (reference 12/02859/NPLAN).

Extracts below taken from DMBC ‘Neighbourhood Planning’

Through the Localism Act the government is giving local communities new powers to have a direct say in the future development of their neighbourhood, parish or town. A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that guides and shapes development in the local area and is created by local people.

Neighbourhood Plans are about local development issues. For example where new homes and shops should go, or what places should look like. They will have a focus on guiding development rather than stopping it.
Neighbourhood Plans need to be in general conformity with national policy and the local planning policies contained in the Local Development Framework.

Neighbourhood Plans will be prepared by town and parish councils

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be supported by the majority of the community before it can be adopted and so a referendum will be held.
Neighbourhood Plans will also be independently checked in order for it to be adopted.

We (DMBC) have a duty to provide technical and practical support to the plan making process, but as this is new and untried, it will be a learning process for all of those involved. It is expected Neighbourhood Plans will take approximately two years from start to finish.

If plan has already been developed for my Parish, can this be made a neighbourhood plan?
No. There are specific processes and procedures you will need to undertake to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.
However, that does not mean to say that work undertaken as part of a parish plan or Village Design Statement can not be used or revised in whole or in part and included within a Neighbourhood Plan, if this is the most appropriate and effective way of addressing the community’s development issues.

When adopted, Neighbourhood Plans will be statutory planning documents. They will form part of the Local Development Framework and so will have significant weight in planning decisions.

It will be the responsibility if individual parish and town councils or neighbourhood forums to ensure that the plan making process is open and transparent. Personal and business interests should be declared at the outset.