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Working towards saving our old buildings, promoting local business, bringing tourism and community spirit back into our historical town.


Thorne Hall – This is the respect that our councils have towards our heritage..Use it, let it decay and the flog it off for £25k to any one interested. Just to offload their liability and guilt.


This is a disgraceful act of wanton vandalism on a Grade 2 Listed building.

No the building hasnt been vandalised, this is how our council left it

Default Thorne Hall, Thorne – September 2013

If Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs fame is to be believed, the small market town of Thorne in South Yorkshire is enjoying a surge of urban regeneration. Apparently, “all over the town, people are beginning now to buy up buildings and restore them”. If only that were true, Kevin. The truth is that aside from the recently repurposed Kensington Picture House which saw Mr McCloud grace the streets of Thorne, the towns empty buildings are actually stuck firmly in a state of neglect. A string of failed auctions and refused planning applications have no doubt sealed their fate. It seems that rather than being restored, most of them will inevitably be lost to the bulldozers. Thorne Hall near the centre of the town is one such building. Continue reading

Hirst’s – Memoirs for an old lady

hirsts working

If Hirsts was a old lady, reminiscing about her life, what would she have seen in the last 500 years..Makes you wonder.

Penultimate chapter telling how she’s been deserted, riddled with aching joints, unloved and left to crumble and die but with a final episode of the people of Thorne rallying and like the Phoenix, she rises from the ashes …sorry getting a bit carried away there……

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Hope of Saving Thorne’s Heritage.

Caroline Flint
Caroline Flint has urged Doncaster Council to step up its efforts to seek the redevelopment of 1-2 Market Place, Thorne.

Ms Flint: ” Since I became the MP for Thorne in 2010, this issue has dominated the concerns of businesses and local conservation groups. The issue has dragged on for years, yet negotiations with the owner of 1-2 Market Place have gone at a snail’s pace, and every month that passes the frustration of residents and local businesses grows.

“It has been clear for months that this listed building cannot be redeveloped as it is; but English Heritage, the guardians of listed buildings, also rightly insist on alternative plans being signed and approved so Thorne doesn’t end up with on empty site in the heart of the town. Doncaster Council is crucial to brokering the solution, and it is vital that they step up their efforts to move plans forward in the interests of Thorne.”SpoofMacdonalds

Peter Dale, Director of Regenera­tion and Environment, said: “We have been actively working with the owner and English Heritage for some time to agree a way forward. The result is the owner has agreed to put the properties up for sale at a value to be decided by the district valuer. The properties are currently being valued by the district valuer and the owner is planning to put them on the open market within the next few months.”
Ms Flint has been involved in meetings between Doncaster Council, English Heritage and third parties since.

Quote from Thorne Times June 2014


John William Harper VC – A Local Hero?

John William Harper was 28 years old and lived at Southend, Thorne, before starting military service.
He was a corporal in the 4th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, British Army during the Second World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

On 29 September 1944 during an assault on the Depot de Mendicite, Antwerp, Belgium,

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Graveyard in our Car Park

ariel shot of Quaker Chapel Crop

At the rear of Travis School there was a Quaker Chapel, the front faced towards Woolworths and the graveyard was in front of it. There were no high grave stones just small kerb stones with a name, DOB and the date the person passed away.

For some unexplainable reason this is now owned by Doncaster Council and it is no longer ours. It is for them to decide its fate, not the people of Thorne 

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Community Group Starts Final Makeover to Old Lady and She’s Looking Good

FrontPaint#1afterWell well well what a surprise for all !!!!!!!
Professional painting at Hirsts.
Get there and see it !!!!!!
We got the permission, we got the paint !!
We got the PL, we got the lot !!!


It all started when Ashley made a comment on our groups wall ‘I would like to paint Hirsts’. He thought that the problem with our town center was simply a lack of paint and judging from the results he was right..
Thank you Ashley Jones for having the idea and giving your time and energy to make Thorne a better place..



comittee at workme



Thorne Hall – A Old Peoples Home. Or one more rotting property..

Thorne Hall

Well, our masters at DMBC have offloaded this liability to Yorkare Homes Ltd, Brantingham Thorpe Hall, Brantingham, HU15 1QG
I hope, safe guards have been put in place so we dont have another disaster on our hands and not just a politically correct solution.Fire at Hall

Well the reality is that another of our great buildings has been set on fire.

Must it be the fate of all our great buildings or is it possible for the new owners to secure the property to prevent further damage?

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Pedestrian Foot Bridge. In 2 – 3 Weeks will be fully operational

Foot bridge

Here we are at the start of the Summer 2014 and the Foot Bridge is still not working correctly.
According to the Thorne Times p35:
The Council’s electrical engi­neer has carried out the majority of repairs. Some mechanical repairs were also necessary that required specialist fabrication.
Unfortunately when the controls were inspected it was found that the wi-fi equipment had been irreparably damaged. This has been a source of problems in the past so the Council have agreed to replace it with a wired connection using the road bridge to cross the canal. It is hoped that these final works will be undertaken in the next 2-3 weeks to allow the bridge to be fully operational.

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How to deal with a Grade 2 listed building..Going, going, gone.



Can still be seen on Google Earth Street View…

‘I do know they had a generous offer for this building and land before it became derelict, while the plans were going through for the new Lift building at the rear.This guy wanted to develop it into a small hotel,retaining all the front wall containing the windows, doors and tower also the two dwellings by its side, Continue reading

The Plan is Dead — Long live the Plan.

Read more on ‘Eden Project’ website


Yup..We seem to have a new ‘Plan’.
Watch this video and spot the differences. No prizes given.


On 18th of June 2013 we were ‘designated as an area as suitable for undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan’ as per the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING (General) REGULATIONS 2012
by Jane Stimpson,  Built Environment Policy Manager.

View Letter of Authorisation Application Ref 12/02859/NPLAN


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Kensington – the old picture house, Thorne


Kevin McCloud and film crew seen filming the final part of the programme and  will be broadcasting the program on Channel 4, Wednesday the 4th September at 9.00 pm.
A plan comes together
At some point late last year, we noticed that the seemingly abandoned, boarded up night club was for sale. It’s a dump, Continue reading

Broken Window Theory

Broken window‘Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, the tendency is for vandals to break a few more windows. Eventually, they may even break into the building, and if it’s unoccupied, perhaps become squatters or light fires inside. Or consider a sidewalk. Some litter accumulates. Soon, more litter accumulates. Eventually, people even start leaving bags of trash from take-out restaurants there or even break into cars.’
Go to Wikipedia and read full article

Lost HOUSE found roaming streets of Thorne..


Does anyone have any information about this house so it can be reunited with its owner..??


House reported seen near Job center. A close friend has said the house was down on its luck and could have a drink problem.